AIMMS is considered to be an exceptionally user-friendly system by those who have been introduced to it, and a professional Support Desk is available to assist every user, but we recognize that the wide range of modeling tools and functionality available in AIMMS 3 may be somewhat overwhelming at first.  Not to mention, attending training with other professionals while using and enjoying AIMMS is a fun experience.  So, we’ve created a 2-day workshop format to give users an opportunity to learn and share their AIMMS learning experience together.

2-Day Workshop

In our 2-day workshop, we take you through the entire AIMMS development cycle of a complete decision support application by means of a sequence of hands-on sessions. This will teach you the concepts underlying the AIMMS technology and, at the same time, will help you to make immediate use of the advanced productivity tools and features of AIMMS 3.

Workshop Format:

Day 1 Day 2
-   Model Building -   End-User Interface
-   Structuring Large Models -   Pages and Templates
-   Quantities and Units -   Gantt Charts and Network Objects
-   Linking to a Database -   User-Defined Menus
-   Linking your own DLL to AIMMS -   Data Management

If you prefer to schedule an exclusive 2-day workshop at your company’s office, or if you are interested in a customized workshop, please send an e-mail to

Conference Workshops

If you are attending any conferences in the near future, please inquire about convenient pre-conference or post-conference workshops that may be available.

Schedule of Workshops

Event Dates: Location: Registration Deadline*: Event Code: Fee per person:
December 4-5 Haarlem, the Netherlands November 22 W13-NL5 €895
January 14-15 Singapore January 2 W14-AP1 $1,200
February 11-12 Haarlem, the Netherlands January 31 W14-NL1 €895
February 19-20 Bellevue, WA, USA February 4 W14-US1 $1,200
April 15-16 Haarlem, the Netherlands March 31 W14-NL2 €895
April 15-16 Singapore March 31 W14-AP2 €1,200
May 6-7 Bellevue, WA, USA April 22 W14-US2 $1,200
June 10-11 Haarlem, the Netherlands May 27 W14-NL3 €895
August 12-13 Singapore July 29 W14-AP3 $1,200
September 24-25 Bellevue, WA, USA September 10 W14-US3 $1,200
September 30- Oct 1 Haarlem, the Netherlands September 15 W14-NL4 €895
November 11-12 Singapore November 1 W14-AP4 $1,200
December 3-4 Bellevue, WA, USA November 22 W14-US4 $1,200
December 9-10 Haarlem, the Netherlands November 22 W14-NL5 €895

*Registrations after deadline will be accepted with a 20% surcharge


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